Starbucks Media Relations Campaign Plan

For a Media Relations class, my group members and I created a holiday-themed campaign plan for our hypothetical client, Starbucks.

My contribution to the project:

- Performed all the research and wrote the research section

- Performed the earned media audit and created the media list

- Gave creative input and helped clarify what to put in to the Programming, Implementation, and Evaluation sections

- Came up with the opportunity statement and helped with the formation of our overall campaign, goal, and tactics

- Wrote the feature release for the media kit

- Made the cover page and table of contents

- Edited and formatted the entire written report

Church Crisis and Engagement Campaign Pitch

For a public relations class, I was tasked with creating an entire campaign plan on my own.

I did all the research, assessed the PR opportunity, came up with all of the items in the programming and implementation sections, and determined how the campaign could be evaluated if it should actually be implemented.

The attached public relations pitch is based on real-life events (but was not implemented).