I'm attracted to nonprofits because they tend to solve and aid our world's problems and help hurting people. To attain organizational goals, I believe public relations efforts and stewardship of resources are especially important for nonprofits. Public relations is an important management function in this sector.

My experience and knowledge of nonprofit work can be seen throughout this website and reflected in much of my portfolio work. This page will re-direct you to some of those specific areas.


Nonprofit Internship

Getting real-life, hands-on experience in a nonprofit organization taught me a lot about the daily operations and language of a nonprofit. I learned about community relations, partnerships and donors, fundraising events, and ways to do PR and marketing for a nonprofit organization. ​​

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Case Study & Analysis of a Nonprofit

I participated in a deep analysis of a particular nonprofit organization and provided recomendations based on best PR practices and leadership. 

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Nonprofit Campaign Plan (RPIE)

For a public relations class, I was tasked with creating an entire campaign plan on my own.

I did all the research, assessed the PR opportunity, came up with all of the items in the programming and implementation sections, and determined how the campaign could be evaluated if it should actually be implemented.

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