Research & Analysis

View some of my other research efforts in the campaigns I worked on.

Below are some examples of higher-level research projects.

Senior PR Research Project

"Analysis of The National Eating Disorders Association’s Website: Deploying Stewardship Strategies on Eating Disorder Nonprofits’ Websites"

I employed coding and a case analysis study to analyze how NEDA effectively displays stewardship on its website.

"Biblical Approach to Diet Culture" Research Paper

I was able to merge my passion for God's Word and the study of diet culture to make a compelling case for why Christians should reject diet culture.

Dressember Case Study and Analysis

For my Public Relations Leadership and Advanced Campaign Analysis class, my 4 group members and I created a case study on the opportunities facing Dressember, a nonprofit that fights human trafficking. We did the following: 

- Provided a comprehensive analysis of what was happening with Dressember

- Provided recommendations and next steps based on best practices and standards for public relations leadership

- Identified five key leadership competencies that related to the situation and explained how those give insight into what the organization should do next

- Addressed the ontology, epistemological, axiological and teleological reality of public relations and explained how those align with the recommendations we provided

My contributions to the project:

- Contributed to the overall creation of the project by participating in key conversation and providing input into all steps

- Performed all scholarly/database research and summarized my findings, laying the foundation and of the project for my team and informing them on the background, information, and issues related to human trafficking

- Wrote “Scholarly Analysis” Section

- Wrote “Leadership Key: Environmental Scanning” section

- Wrote “Ontology” section 

- Edited the entire document, making it one uniform voice and removing typos and grammar errors

Digital Strategy Toolkit for NEDA

This visually engaging report contains an analysis of NEDA's digital presence and competitors, reports relevant and current digital trends, and then provides recommendations of how NEDA can strategically improve engagement with publics in the future.